Currently traveling the East coast of the USA

Oct 15-17 Albequerque, NM
Oct 17-22 Phoenix, AZ
Oct 23 Palm Springs, CA
Oct 24-26 Los Angeles, CA
Oct 28-31 San Francisco, CA

Nov 1 Sacramento, CA
Nov 3 Las Vegas, NV
Nov 4 Wahweap Marina. Horseshoe Bend. Lee’s Ferry
Nov 5 Monument Valley Dr. Goosenecks State Park. Valley of the Gods. Canyon De Chelly. Spider Rock and Bat Canyon.
Nov 6-8 Sedona, AZ
Nov 9-10 Phoenix, AZ
Nov 10-11 Tucson, AZ
Nov 12-13 Albequrque, NM
Nov 14-15 Lubbock, TX
Nov 16-17 Dallas, TX
Nov 18 Arkansas
Nov 19 Memphis, TN
Nov 20 Huntsville AL or Chattanooga TN

Nude Siren Events April 22-24

Please email about your area if you’re interested in booking in the future while I’m on tour in your area!


Hips: 38″ Waist: 26″ Bust 36″ 
Dress: 4 
Shoe: 8.5 
No Tattoos 
Pierced Ears Only 
Hair: Straight, Strawberry Blonde
Eyes: Blue 
Skin: Pale

The photos on this page are consistent with my most recent look. My hair color and body are subject to very slight fluctuations. I’m not a natural red head.  If you have any questions contact me.  

How To Book

Contact me with your name, portfolio, and location.  

Bookings are official once I receive a deposit and the following details:

  • Location
  • Time and Day
  • Duration
  • Participating parties (if applicable; such as make up artists, assistants, other models)
  • Concept

Please notice that I may not accept a booking without a deposit. I cannot guarantee your booking without a time, day, location, and duration.  While I might have last minute availability, I recommend scheduling at least two weeks in advance.  Deposits are not refundable unless I cannot appear at the booking for some reasons and the booking cannot be rescheduled within the next month.

I can supply a contract for photo rights and working together. Please take a look if you’d like to use it, or send me your contract when scheduling for approval. 

Photography Pricing

  • 2 hour rate is $300
  • 3 hour rate is $375
  • Half Day (4 hours): $400
  • 3/4th Day (6 hours): $600
  • Full Day (8 hours): $800
  • For a few exceptions I will model for 1 hour bookings for a rate of $250

**Inquire about special rates if booking multiple days or non-photography rates can be viewed here

There is no cancellation fee when cancelling more than 48 hours before the booking and I have a deposit.  Without a deposit, the cancellation fee is half of the price of the booking.  I will not accept a future booking, if this cancellation fee isn’t paid within a given time.  Cancellations made within 24 hours of the scheduled booking require a fee equivalent to the full price of your booking.  Some exceptions apply for rescheduling.

Confirming a shoot with me, means you have agreed to these terms. If you cancel and don’t pay the appropriate fee, this ensures we will not work together in the future.

What I Provide

Modeling: Experience. Dedication. Reliability. I pride myself on the being ready to model when I show up. Because I have years of experience and enjoy modeling frequently, I can model most concepts and ideas in a variety of settings and lighting. I pose myself, but take direction well. I’m prepared to model very specific concepts and vague ideas. Either way you will get something you’re looking for. I model up to art and pin-up nude, but will not model erotic content (for someone’s sexual pleasure) nude or not.

Wardrobe: I supply wardrobe such as suits, lingerie, dresses, mermaid tails, and some costume pieces. This comes with free styling if desired.

Hair: My hair is naturally straight, but can be lightly curled. I have some wigs available

Make Up: I can offer bare face, natural, smokey eye, or glamour make up. If not specified I wear my make up natural.

Opinions and Advice: For newer photographers and non-photographer artists, I can give advice on angles, lighting, and some cameras. If you do not have a camera (for instance you are a make up artist, designer, etc), but would like photos, I can bring my Canon 6D Mark 2 camera or GoPro.

Locations: For local projects in Georgia I can provide a small studio space in Athens, Ga or recommendations for outdoor locations

Personality: I model because I want to be here and help people reach their artistic goals. Let me help inspire you or create that look you’ve been dreaming about!

Ready? Book Now!

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