I am Astrid Kallsen. I freelance model for professionals and artists wanting a specialized and gratifying time trying to achieve their creative goals.  My genuine interest in creating high quality work and fulfillment in handling all business arrangements personally led me to modeling  as a free agent.  I enjoy the opportunities independence provides me like traveling  the world to model and developing my talent for modeling underwater.  I’ve cultivated experience in runway, studio, workshops, and nature as well.  My features and absence of tattoos has made it possible for me to fit into many genres and looks.

     A few years ago, I picked up a camera to teach myself more technique. My practice in self portraits has helped me better understand myself, lighting, camera limitation, retouching, and some styling.  I’ve been able to use this new skill to assist newer photographers, provide photos of collaborations with non-photography artists, and form more thoughtful opinions.

Whether you’re an artist with an objective or passionate about your creative outlet,  email me to book my services or with questions.  Please view my portfolios conveying a few of the styles I’ve done or follow me on Instagram or Twitter.  Current tour locations listed below. I am otherwise available in Atlanta.

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