Remote Modeling

What is it?

Remote modeling is a way for photographers or other artists to work with me from a distant location. We use various technology in order to set up a camera feed for either a photoshoot or figure art session. In the case of photography, I set up my camera but use a tether to hook up my camera to be triggered through a program on my laptop. You then control this program through a screen sharing service like Zoom. For other artists that don’t need this much technology, we can set up a video chat online through Google Duo or Zoom.

For Photographers:

UNDER CONSTRUCTION! JUST GOT A NEW CAMERA! This allows you to change the focus, f stop, iso, white balance, etc like you would with your own camera. You’ll see a screen that looks like the back of the camera display and a view of what you’re shooting. Prior to a shoot, we should discuss lighting, setting, and concepts so these can be set up before we start, like with any photoshoot. Right now I am providing photoshoots in my garden.

For Other Artists:

Simple! Make a Google account. When we’ve scheduled our session, I’ll send you a link to a Google Duo so we can begin our video chat. Prior to our scheduled time, let’s discuss poses, lighting, and looks so that can be set up beforehand. This is also a great time to talk about how long I should hold poses and how many poses you are looking for.

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