Remote Modeling

What is it?

Remote modeling is a way for photographers or other artists to work with me from a distant location. We use various technology in order to set up a camera feed for either a photoshoot or figure art session. In the case of photography, I set up my camera but use a tether to hook up my camera to be triggered through a program on my laptop. You then control this program through a screen sharing service. For other artists that don’t need this much technology, we can set up a video chat online through Google Duo.

For Photographers:

I use a combination of Teamviewer and Eos Utility to allow you access to my Canon 6D. You only need to download Teamviewer. This is completely free. It is a program that allows me to share my laptop screen with you, so you can control my camera through the program Eos Utility. This allows you to change the focus, f stop, iso, white balance, etc like you would with your own camera. You’ll see a screen that looks like the back of the camera display and a view of what you’re shooting. Prior to a shoot, we should discuss lighting, setting, and concepts so these can be set up before we start, like with any photoshoot. Right now I am providing photoshoots in my garden.

If you want more details, below is a step by step tutorial (with photos!) on how you’ll set up Teamviewer and a following Youtube video on Eos Utility. They’re both self explanatory to use, but I know some people prefer the guidance or to become familiar with the process ahead of time!

How does it work?

  1. Download the free version of TeamViewer at

2. Download and save the setup.exe. Once downloaded, click on the .exe folder and follow the prompts.

3. You’ll see this new window with your ID and Password. The right most panel, asks for “Partner ID”. Once we have a shoot scheduled, I’ll send you my ID and password, and you’ll write my ID into the “Partner ID” area. Keep “Remote contron” selected. Once you click “connect”, the bottom button in the right most panel, another pop up will ask for my password.

4. Now you’ll have control of my screen. I highly suggest exiting other browsers to reduce confusion and increase efficiency. You can go to your upper control panel and turn on full screen and click the “Scaled” view, as indicated in the photo below

5. We can also communicate through Teamviewer. To do so, we’ll start an “Internet Call”. Not a phone call! Go to the “Communicate” tab, and click on “Start internet call”.

6. Make sure your microphone is on! (Scroll through the following photos to check (There is a white arrow on the sides of the photos to scroll through, unfortunately they’re not very distinguishable)

If there are any problems we can chat through Teamviewer or our original means of communication

You can move this box out of the way to view more of your screen!

7. I have a Canon 6D, and have the program Eos Utility 3 downloaded on my laptop. We’ll be using this program to remotely shoot my camera through the screen share. You can aquaint yourself with Eos Utility 3 on Youtube. There is a video linked below! Eos Utility will allow you to control the camera settings and trigger the shutter.

8. The photos will save to my computer, and I’ll send you the raws through Dropbox or WeTransfer. This could take a while depending on how many files there are.

For Other Artists:

Simple! Make a Google account. When we’ve scheduled our session, I’ll send you a link to a Google Hangout so we can begin our video chat. Prior to our scheduled time, let’s discuss poses, lighting, and looks so that can be set up beforehand. This is also a great time to talk about how long I should hold poses and how many poses you are looking for.

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