Collaboration Project


These sets are great for figure artists looking for photo references to paint, draw, etc, or digital artists and photographers interested in editing photographs lit and set to be a blank canvas for ideas to take off.

We, the three artists and models behind this project, came up with this idea to inspire creativity and art in a safe way during the COVID-19 outbreak of 2020 while states have mandated orders to shelter in place.  This project has brought artists together from around the world and continues to build community despite the distance between us all. You have a unique perspective that we’re excited to see and share. There are so many directions to go in and a variety of poses from each model to build diverse creations.

All proceeds from buying this package goes to support the artists equally. We appreciate it greatly, especially during this unusual and difficult time! Please support on social media and join in the fun. Use #collabproject to share your work


Comes with 3 sets of photographs self shot by models Keira Grant, Roarie Yum, and Astrid Kallsen. Each set contains 15 photos of the model against a white back drop. Photos are NEF and RAW format, unedited, and downloadable through a link provided after purchase.

Credits go to Keira Grant, Roarie Yum, and Astrid Kallsen for shooting and putting this project together. See results from this project using the #collabproject.

Check out and please credit each artists on social media:





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