Mixed Nude and Dressed


These sets are great for figure artists looking for photo references to paint, draw, etc, or digital artists and photographers interested in editing photographs lit and set in a studio with soft box lighting.

This set supplied 5 sets with 5 photos each:

1. a transparent, blue scarf with poses resembling the ancient Greek’s art
2. a blue coverup. I don’t actually know what the article is, but it inspired poses with an art nouveau flair
3. an orange dress. Is it vintage or modern fashion? Mod or romantic. I gave a few different poses.
4. Helmut Newton inspired. Yes. I’m saying naked with heels
5. a white skirt. Something to capture the religious dramatics in renaissance painting styles





Receive 25 raw, unedited photos in a download after payment! various poses in different states of dressed, etc.

Credit on Instagram Sirenethereal

Credit on Twitter AstridKallsen

Credit on Facebook Astrid Kallsen



Photos in Project gallery are edits made by Craig Muzse and Bharat Ajari, Main product shot edited by Craig Muzse


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