A few years ago, I picked up a camera to teach myself more technique. My practice in self portraits has helped me better understand my posing, lighting, lenses, retouching, and some styling.  I’ve been able to use this new skill to assist newer photographers, provide photos of collaborations with non-photography artists, and form more thoughtful collaborations. Getting the best work is my priority. My heart is deep in the modeling, character, and posing work. I am open to a range of looks and ideas. I can talk to you ahead of time about more intricate concept work, or I can flow through changes that need to be made in the moment.

Whether you’re an artist with an objective or just exploring ideas, as long as you’re passionate about your creative outlet, email me to book my services or with questions.  Please view my portfolios conveying a few of the styles I’ve done or follow me on Instagram or Twitter.  Current tour locations listed here. I am otherwise available in Atlanta.

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