Photo by Jules Victor

Hello, I’m Astrid Kallsen, a full time chamleon and adventure model. I’m based in Atlanta, GA, but I tour throughout the year to work with artists across the world. My goal is to inspire others in the way that my experiences have inspired me. As a model, I’m open to a variety of ideas. I want to help the artist realize their own inspirations. I enjoy many styles and genres and working with a diverse range of artists. I have experience modeling for portfolios, editorials, showpieces, books, workshops, runways, etc. I am happy to model for a variety of experience levels. We are always learning, and I am open to giving help or guidance the way other artists continue helping me.

I’m passionate about my work, respect the people I work with, and maintain professionalism for a better creative experience. When I pose, I work with the environment, style and mood I’m given, making me flexible for different projects. Email me to book me to model or with questions.  Please view my portfolios demonstrating a few of the styles I’ve done or follow me on Instagram or Twitter.  I am more often traveling on tour than I am at home. Subscribe to my newsletter for updates on my adventures!

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