I provide many ways to provide modeling. I model a variety of genres and looks in various settings. Many of which can be seen through my portfolios! I am well known for my work with and under water, but I enjoy everything and have experience in most genres up to art and life style nude work. Please feel free to reach out if you want to see an example of anything not on my website.

I can work with many different types of artists. I’ve worked for sculpturers, painters, photographers, stylists, videographers, body painters, make up and hair stylists, etc. I often help fit various roles in the creative process, and want to help you get the best results. I offer various packages for photographers or other artists depending on the need. My standard rates are below, but if you have a less conventional project get in touch to discuss what I can offer.

Some unique opportunities I currently offer standard packages for are:

I can supply my camera for artists that need photos or newer photographers. From some experience in photography, I’m happy to help with learning camera basics, and learning to take a good picture. You can see some of the work I’ve done with self portraits.

In general, I am able to work with artists on styling, creative direction, and retouching if interested.

At this time, I don’t offer model coaching, but am happy to discuss freelance modeling with those interested through phone, email, video call, or in person for a small fee. I ocassionally create videos on modeling, and post to my Facebook.

You can also find me on Patreon, where I post more photosets and share stories about my experiences modeling!

How To Book

Contact me with your name, portfolio, and location.  

Bookings are official once I receive a deposit and the following details:

  • Location
  • Time and Day
  • Duration
  • Participating parties (if applicable)
  • Concept

Please notice that I may not accept a booking without a deposit. I cannot guarantee your booking without a time, day, location, and duration.  While I might have last minute availability, I recommend scheduling at least two weeks in advance.  Deposits are not refundable unless I cannot appear at the booking for some reasons and the booking cannot be rescheduled within the next month.

I can supply a contract for photo rights and working together. Please take a look if you’d like to use it, or send me your contract when scheduling. 


There is no cancellation fee when cancelling more than 48 hours before the booking and I have a depositWithout a deposit, the cancellation fee is half of the price of the booking.  I will not accept a future booking, if this cancellation fee isn’t paid within a given time.  Cancellations made within 48 hours of the scheduled booking require a fee equivalent to the full price of your booking.  Some exceptions apply for rescheduling.

Confirming a shoot with me, means you have agreed to these terms. If you cancel and don’t pay the appropriate fee, this ensures we will not work together in the future.

What I Provide

Modeling: Experience. Dedication. Reliability. I pride myself on the being ready to model when I show up. Because I have years of experience and enjoy modeling frequently, I can model most concepts and ideas in a variety of settings and lighting. I pose myself, but take direction well. I’m prepared to model very specific concepts and vague ideas. Either way you will get something you’re looking for. I model up to art and life style nude, but will not model erotic content, nude or not.

Wardrobe: I supply wardrobe such as suits, lingerie, dresses, mermaid tails, and some costume pieces. This comes with free styling if desired.

Hair: My hair is naturally straight, but can be lightly curled. I have some wigs available

Make Up: I can offer bare face, natural, smokey eye, or glamour make up. If not specified I wear my make up natural.

Opinions and Advice: For newer photographers and non-photographer artists, I can give advice on angles, lighting, and some cameras. If you do not have a camera (for instance you are a make up artist, designer, etc), but would like photos, I can bring my Sony 7aiii camera or GoPro.

Locations: For local projects in Georgia I can provide a small studio space in Atlanta, Ga or recommendations for outdoor locations

Personality: I model because I want to be here and help people reach their artistic goals. Let me help inspire you or create that look you’ve been dreaming about!


Hips: 38″ Waist: 26″ Bust 36″ 
Dress: 4 
Shoe: 8.5 
No Tattoos 
Pierced Ears Only 
Hair: Straight, Strawberry Blonde
Eyes: Blue 
Skin: Pale

The photos on this page are consistent with my most recent look. My hair color and body are subject to very slight fluctuations. I’m not a natural red head.  If you have any questions contact me.  

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